Mapping the user journey

We began the task by sketching and planning out the possible features that the app could offer. We had access to a lot of data containing information about the cost of things that people buy and do when they are on holiday. Using this data, we made decisions upon how the app could filter through and compare this data, based upon a users holiday plans. Once we had collated our ideas, I put together a user journey to map out how the app should function.


Once the user journey wireframes we complete, I produced an interactive html5 prototype to help sell our ideas to client. They were able to download and play around with the prototype on their own mobile devices, allowing them to gain a full understanding of the apps offering.

Planning a trip

The app tailors its estimates to your personal holiday choices. Whilst understanding the users holiday dates and location, it also allows the user to choose between various holiday types, family size and spending preferences.

The process

When concepting the app, I worked quickly with pen and paper to sketch out my ideas and illustrate how they could work in an exaggerated form. These initial concepts could later be stripped down and siplified into an easy to use, application interface.

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Joe Allison

Joe Allison