Fantastic features

Within the experience page, we introduced and prototyped a side navigation that would allow access to the new features of the car. The engaging content is displayed in overlaid windows, allowing the user to scroll through the cars features.

Local content bloggers

Part of the experience features content produced by several bloggers from the The articles contain stories from local music events, places to eat/drink, days out, festivals and more. Users can select from local articles on a map of thier current location. The articles help to inspire the users to 'do more'.

Mobile experience

The experience designed responsively to work across all screen sizes. The challenge was to make sure that all of the content remained as engaging and acessible as it could be, when viewed on smaller devices.

The process

When crafting the interactive experiences, I worked with pen and paper to rapidly explore my ideas visually. Here are some examples that document my ideas progression process.

Thanks for watching

In Progress!

This site is currently in soft-launch phase, and most content elements are unavailable. Plently of bug fixes, responsive elements and additional features are underway. The full site will be launching soon.


Joe Allison

Joe Allison