We worked in depth on the micro-interactions, to make sure that the swiping felt free, easy and playful. Adding subtle bounces to the like/dislike buttons and icons, and adding playful animations to other UI elements, really helped bring the interface to life.

Designing the brand icon

We crafted the logo to combine two icons that represent the function of the app. The swiping hand, and the house icon merged well to create a unique property search app icon. We are poud that this icon is a world away from the common map pin or single house icons that are all too prevalent within the property search app realm

User feedback

The app was a great success, and received many excellent reviews thought the App store and via social media. We were one of two other tinder style apps for property that happened to launch within a week of each other, which gave us a lot of hype and buzz around the launch date.

Thanks for watching

In Progress!

This site is currently in soft-launch phase, and most content elements are unavailable. Plently of bug fixes, responsive elements and additional features are underway. The full site will be launching soon.


Joe Allison

Joe Allison