Mobile friendly

Understanding that the tarket audience will mostly be active businessmen, we decided to design and build a mobile version of the microsite to allow these users to make thier predictions whilst they are up and on the go.

Making your predictions

Once the user has chosen to add thier prediction to the dragon, they are asked to reveal thier most admired companies of 2012 across various different categories, and to predict thier outlook on the year ahead. The visual style of these question cards, mimics the form seen in many traditianal chinese invitations.

Special invitation

Following the launch of the microsite, we also sent out a series of emails, to promote Haygroups WMAC 2012 webinar. The emails built upon the chinese visual theme, inticing users to sign-up through chinese gold-leaf tickets and letter invites.

The process

At the beginning I worked with pen and paper to sketch out the concepts so that we could quickly visualise our ideas and sell them into the client. This allowed us to save time to commission the 3d modelling, and carefully craft out the chinese new year interfaces.

Fiery results

The campain microsite was a bold step for Haygroup, that introduced them into an hot new style of digital marketing. The results were fantastic, entertaining 16,797 Unique visitors to the campaign microsite during the two month period.

There were a record number of sign ups for the webinar with 1,669 registrations, a 32% conversion rate and an increase of 508 from the previous year. 9.1% of users made a prediction on the Dragon of Fortune, and there were 1807 whitepaper views.

Thanks for watching

In Progress!

This site is currently in soft-launch phase, and most content elements are unavailable. Plently of bug fixes, responsive elements and additional features are underway. The full site will be launching soon.


Joe Allison

Joe Allison