Inticing paintwork

After a swift introduction, leading the user through a set of inspiring objects, an array of the cars colours appear. The front-most car intices the viewer to begin the application by flashing its headlights and talking to the user through the mystical lines of rotating text benieth its foglamps.

Analysing user data

After beginining the appllcation, the user is then asked to accept permission for Facebook to be allowed to read thier timeline information. Once accepted, the car goes on to ask the user a set of questions to learn more information about thier interests and to really get to know what inspires them.

Your perfect match

Once the car has learned everything it needs to know, it vanishes only to reveal itself once again in the users true colour. A set of objects animate into view above the car, relating to the users personality, and also equating to the apps choice of car colour.

Sharing your inspiration

Once the user has thier results, they’re able to share thier cool New Generation i10 car colour with all of thier facebook friends, showing off the thier inspirational and colourful lifestyle! Friends of the user can then also take thier own colour test and compare the results!

The process

We quickly explored several different concepts for the app. Here are some sketches that document some different possibilities.

Thanks for watching

In Progress!

This site is currently in soft-launch phase, and most content elements are unavailable. Plently of bug fixes, responsive elements and additional features are underway. The full site will be launching soon.


Joe Allison

Joe Allison