Charm and elegance

I designed this mark to communicate playfullness, charm and elegence. The letterforms are a custom cut that will set them apart from any other brand associations. The logo is designed to adapt to popular celebrations relating to fancy dress, such as halloween, christmas and valentines day. This will work very strongly for thier fancy dress business as it will give the website visitors a sense of buzz that the new seasonal deals are in!

Contemporary heritage

This route builds upon the brands skillful, detailed sophistication and contemporary heritage values. Within the mark, I have crafted out unusual flourishes that mimmic those found in some of the clients most elegant costumes. The glyphs are based upon a very classic French typeface cut in the 18th century known as Didot. This typeface is often used by luxury fashion brands, however I have crafted the entirely custom letters ‘A’ and ‘g’. This transformation gives the mark a very contemporary look, that breaks away from any inihibitions associated with these traditional letterforms.

A playful surprise

This logo takes on a very fun, youthful and exciting path. The mark explores a single unbroken line approach, that communicates a happy playful flow. These letterforms are also a custom design, that allow the mark to appear unique from other brand values.


These are just a few of the ideas that were drafted out during the design process. Sketching is an essential part of my process, as it allows me to explore ideas very rapidly.

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Joe Allison

Joe Allison